Tips for Better Server Rack Management

Published: 15th April 2011
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Though a server rack offers maximal benefit in your work environment, they are to be maintained properly to get continued results. Hence, management of these rack varieties is of utmost importance. In this article, you will get tips on how to do so, for enhanced productivity in whatever business you are in.

Rack Layout

Taking care of rack layout is very important for many reasons. If the server rack is not loaded properly it may lead to various unwarranted accidents like tangled wires and cables that can cause confusion and loss of productivity. The server rack allows areas to bundle your cables with tie points so you can easily identity the cables and see where they are going. It is also important to load your heaviest servers from the bottom up to avoid any tipping factors.

Proper Rack Specification

It is very important that you take proper care to get the exact server rack dimensions to make all types of hardware installations manageable. If you are using blade servers, typically servers that are very deep and run very hot, it is essential to get a server rack that has perforated front and rear doors. This is critical for proper ventilation, which is necessary for maintaining the accurate temperature. Always know how deep your servers are so you get the correct depth cabinet. When floor space permits, it may be wise to get the deepest cabinet you can. The adjustable rack rails in most server racks will allow you to mount your servers at the correct depth.

Rack Ventilation

Proper ventilation of your server rack is very important to maintain the desired temperature level in the server room. For proper management of your rack, I suggest that you look for racks that come with perforated doors and the ability to mount fans on the top panel. If you are planning on having several rows of server racks, it is best to incorporate the hot isle cold isle format.

Equipment Location in Rack

Allocating proper space to different equipment within the server rack is very important for overall efficiency. Many servers are very heavy and it is important to know the weight capacity of your rack. Always decide beforehand where you plan to mount the servers and related hardware. If you plan to have a rackmount keyboard monitor, the height is important depending on how you plan to access it. Planned placement also facilitates better and faster access to such tools as network ports, power outlets, USB ports, power switches etc so that you can increase your productivity.

Distribution of Rack Cables

Proper cabling distribution is of utmost importance when it comes to efficient server rack management. Though there are several methods to achieve the same, I recommended the switch distribution approach, in which these switches are installed in each rack and are used as a patching system. This approach leads to condensed cabling between racks thus reducing space requirements and points of failure. Rackmount powerstrips offer the same benefit in better server or computer rack management.

Remember these tips for enhanced efficiency in mounting within the server rack and accessing your servers.

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